Ryanhaus Labradors

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Ryanhaus Sample Puppy Contract

This is a contractual agreement for the ownership of one Labrador Retriever Puppy;
Buyer wishes to purchase the above described puppy for the sum of $_______________
AKC Registration application will be released upon full payment.
Breeder guarantees that the above-described dog is a purebred Labrador Retriever and can be registered with the AKC or UKC Kennel club
Breeder agrees to provide a true copy of this dog’s pedigree.
Buyer & Breeder agree to enter this contract under the following binding agreement.
1.)  Breeder warrants the puppy sold to be in good health at time of pick up. Puppy has been given its 1st DHP-Parvo inoculation on May 21st 2015 and has been wormed with Strongid-T a minimum of 4 times. If the health of this puppy is found to be unsatisfactory within 72 hours of purchase, the puppy may be returned for a full refund.

2.) Breeder guarantees this puppy is the progeny of a sire and dam who’s hip joints have been radiographed and evaluated by a Veterinarian and or certified by Orthopedic Foundation For Animals
or received a European hip certification.
3.)  Buyer agrees that said dog will not be bred unless its hip joints are certified free of dysplasia by the OFA, said dog has no major conformation faults, it will only be bred to a purebred Labrador Retriever of equal quality and both dogs will display exemplary stable temperament. Buyer will not give or sell any puppies to any pet store or dog broker and will ensure that quality homes are found for each puppy produced by this animal, the pup you are purchasing is a quality pet/companion and should excel at obedience and not necessarily guaranteed to be able to produce a litter of pups, reversal of Limited
Registration can be approved upon careful determination of breeding quality and health certifications procedures being performed.
4.)  Buyer agrees to provide safe guards for this dogs well being, including but not limited to, proper diet, obedience training, proper socialization, shelter, exercise, companionship, veterinary care. Buyer also agrees that this dog will not be tied or chained in any way, unless briefly, or allowed to roam free, but will be supplied a fenced yard, large kennel, or proper outdoor supervision.
5.) Buyer agrees that if at any time the dog can no longer reside with her/him, breeder will be given first option to take back the dog. No monetary compensation is given.  If breeder does not want dog, a mutually agreed upon home will be found. This dog will not be surrendered to any animal shelter.
6.) Buyer hereby releases breeder and agrees to hold harmless for any and all liability, injuries or damages to persons or property caused by this dog.

7.)  Should either party violate a section of this contract, that party will pay the violated party half the purchase price of this dog immediately.
8.) Any litigation arising from this sale will take place in Essex County the state of Massachusetts.
9.)  Guarantee is to be limited to a puppy replacement. The owner may keep the original dog but it must be spayed or neutered and the AKC registration is to be turned over to the breeder with a copy of spay/neuter certificate. Purchaser will be supplied a new pup of equal quality from the breeders next available litter, or whenever purchaser desires replacement puppy. No monetary reimbursement will be given unless agreed upon by both breeder and puppy purchaser. No veterinary expenses will be reimbursed.
10.) If for ANY REASON within the first 3 weeks of ownership, purchaser does not wish to keep puppy, than the purchaser is advised to return puppy back to breeder for a full refund of amount paid to breeder.
  The description of health guarantee below is good up to three years…………………………..

The description of guarantee below is good up to three years……
  Dog is guaranteed to be free of serious genetic i.e. Organ defects, epilepsy, absence of sight or hearing. Said dogs hip conformation will not be evaluated as worse than mild dysplasia by OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals)  Also, we do not compensate for a male puppy having only one testicle, although considered a fault in the conformation ring, it is not considered a serious health problem, and would not be considered a good candidate for breeding.

Breeder’s Signature and Date:___________________________________________________________

Puppy Purchaser Signature and Date:_____________________________________________________

Please Print Name:___________________________________________________________________

Phone #____________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for adopting a Ryanhaus puppy!!!!!